Production (The Shoot)

Coordinating, Video Aquisition, Audio Recording, Screen Capturing and Graphic Planning

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With NDM, all facets of marketing are utilized in order to maximize the interest of our clients. We offer video production, direction, pre and post production services for broadcast purposes and web centered videos to showcase your business. Our aim is to ensure not only that your message is heard, but that it will be well received by consumers. The video production must caters to the specific industry in order to optimize ROI and success.

We will accommodate you with specified services such as script writing, casting, pre-production, filming, production and animation. Our dynamic and innovative team is fully aware of how critical it is to make an impression within the first few seconds of viewing and focus their creative energies and areas of specialty to do just that..  Let us tell your story the way you envisioned.

Video Production Services:

  • Brainstorming: we will think about the purpose of the video, the message it is trying to convey and the direction that should be taken in order to execute a video depicting your vision accordingly.
  • Planning: Once the right idea is established with a key theme, we will take the appropriate measures to gather the proper equipment, adequate directors, convincing props, skilled actors, voice actors, graphics designers, and script writers in order ensure your film is brought to life the way you want it.
  • The Story: This aspect must be carefully planned all aspects of the video are crucial to relay your message accurately.
  • Production: Using the high quality and cutting-edge technology and time coding editorials applied to put the film together as well as our skilled team make sure post-production is as smooth and effortless as can be.

Video Assets:

  • Commercials
  • Multimedia Web Content
  • Product Tours
  • Graphics and Animation
  • Training Videos
  • Documentaries and Feature Films
  • Corporate Marketing Videos
  • Specific industry Videos

How We Can Help

We guarantee you success through technology!

Don’t think twice and take advantage of our free consultation to see how we can help you achieve your business goals!

  • Developers by: enhance your investor’s presentation and help communicate the vision of the project with clients, banks and investors! And also our services can help you start selling your project without waiting for the construction process to be completed thru our 3D Video tours
  • Contractors: we will help you streamline the design process and get more accurate visual representation of your construction project. Also using our 3d renderings or our virtual tour solution will help you save time and money and maximize the productivity of your team!
  • Real Estate Brokers: we can help you market your client’s project in pre-construction with our innovative 3d virtual tours and renderings. We also offer branded or non-branded video solution for your online marketing and client presentations!
  • Interior Designers and Architects: We can help you thru our rendering services to enhance your design and creative presentations by visualizing your design intent with conceptual static renderings or photo realistic 3d virtual tours!

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