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Before we start the video production we like to really think this through before we start. Too many video production projects start part way through the process – with a bad idea, a misguided idea or worst of all, no idea at all. If you haven’t taken the time to properly plan out your production, it will likely fail.

There are many different types of videos that we can create to promote your product or business and there are many factors that go into the production of a video. The success of the video project will largely be determined by the time and effort we put into properly planning your project. Our team can help you by  gives you an great idea and a solid shooting plan.

Pre-Production Planning Steps for every Video

We help you Define your business objective.

What do you want your video to do? To raise awareness? To drive traffic to a landing page? To motivate your customers to buy your product? To influence key decision-makers in your industry? To showcase your company as being environmentally conscious ? To clearly differentiate you from your competitors? To save money on travel costs for training or sales? To educate a new target audience on important issues affecting your industry? To drive prospects to the booth at the next trade show you will be attending?

The list is long but your business objective should have a matching outcome that you can measure.

Define your audience & message

  • Audience: Marketing is the process of communicating the value of your product or service to a specific audience. We will identify who your customers and prospects are and you have to differentiate your message for that specific audience.
  • Message: We need to find the ideas, themes or topics that you need to communicate about your business.
  • Distribution: Where, how and why will people watch your video. Knowing the answer to those questions will help us determine answers to the next steps in video production.
  • Concept: The vast majority of video production concepts are driven by practical and creative imperatives. The concept or idea can be a simple one as ‘or it can be as complex or grand as your imagination and budget allow.

Treatment and Storyboard:

Your business concept or idea is the big picture idea. The treatment  is a summary of how we realize that idea. On larger projects the treatment is usually a one page summary of your idea which will outlines the style of the video and the devices used to communicate your key messages.

For this a storyboard is created to outline the various sections of your video. The storyboard takes your concept or idea and considers things like: do you use voice-over to support what is being shown; do you use animation anywhere; do you employ actors, if so which ones and how; do you use music, what locations do you shoot at; etc. This is the step where we determine the style, the flow, the length and the structure of your video production.

Other factors and elements:


Length of Video.

The video needs to be succinct, it needs to include targeted, relevant information about your business and it need be interesting.



Every of the business video that we produce prior to release, first been sent to our clients for approval.


Scheduling and production planning.

For a successful video production, our team takes in considerations lots of factors before start filming: Location, crew, equipment, weather, schedule, presenters etc.

How We Can Help

We guarantee you success through technology!

Don’t think twice and take advantage of our free consultation to see how we can help you achieve your business goals!

  • Developers by: enhance your investor’s presentation and help communicate the vision of the project with clients, banks and investors! And also our services can help you start selling your project without waiting for the construction process to be completed thru our 3D Video tours
  • Contractors: we will help you streamline the design process and get more accurate visual representation of your construction project. Also using our 3d renderings or our virtual tour solution will help you save time and money and maximize the productivity of your team!
  • Real Estate Brokers: we can help you market your client’s project in pre-construction with our innovative 3d virtual tours and renderings. We also offer branded or non-branded video solution for your online marketing and client presentations!
  • Interior Designers and Architects: We can help you thru our rendering services to enhance your design and creative presentations by visualizing your design intent with conceptual static renderings or photo realistic 3d virtual tours!

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