Video Post Production

Video Editing, Motion Graphics and Titles, Mastering

Why is Video Production important for your business? 90% of user say that seeing a video about a product is helpful in the decision process.

Our Video Editing and  Post Production Services

Video Editing Production

The editing process is where all the footage compiled for you is turned it into a result. Our team will make your people look like rockstars, shape your message and build a story that will be the backbone of your video.

Motion Graphics / Animation

Motion graphics can help explain your new product or business, communicate stats in a visually interesting way or even communicate the core concepts of your business.  This is a powerful marketing tool that can make your company stand out from the competition.

Audio Mastering

Audio is a vital part of delivering your brand’s message. Adding great audio on your video production is very important. Audio can also eliminate background noise, bring out sounds we couldn’t hear before or even give your speaker’s voice that extra pop it needs.



Choosing the right music for your video can be the difference between a success and a bad video. It is all about finding the right song for your project that will attract your customers. .



When we approach the final touches of the post production phase, color is critical to allow your marketing video to stand out. This process means adjusting color, contrast, exposure, and other parameters that affect the final image look. The goal is to match every shot and match color.

Video Encoding


Once the video is complete and approved, we need to create a high quality online friendly version to distribute through social marketing channels.

Examples of Projects

Video Editing, Motion Graphics and Titles, Mastering

How We Can Help

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Don’t think twice and take advantage of our free consultation to see how we can help you achieve your business goals!

  • Developers by: enhance your investor’s presentation and help communicate the vision of the project with clients, banks and investors! And also our services can help you start selling your project without waiting for the construction process to be completed thru our 3D Video tours
  • Contractors: we will help you streamline the design process and get more accurate visual representation of your construction project. Also using our 3d renderings or our virtual tour solution will help you save time and money and maximize the productivity of your team!
  • Real Estate Brokers: we can help you market your client’s project in pre-construction with our innovative 3d virtual tours and renderings. We also offer branded or non-branded video solution for your online marketing and client presentations!
  • Interior Designers and Architects: We can help you thru our rendering services to enhance your design and creative presentations by visualizing your design intent with conceptual static renderings or photo realistic 3d virtual tours!

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